Online Pai Gow strategy tips for beginners

Simple to play and quite relaxed on the wallet, Pai Gow is an Asian game that is drawing plenty of welcome attention in 2016. It is the game’s easy to learn nature that is triggering this, with the online casino community jumping aboard the bandwagon. Given how a Pai Gow boom may be on the horizon, I thought I’d take the time to hand out a few tips for the game that can aid those online casino players just starting out.

Tip No. 1 – Focus

It should go with out saying but focus and strategy is key in Pai Gow. This is because the game relies on players paying attention. Pretty basic I know, but the devil is in the detail so keep up your concentration.

Tip No. 2 – Take every opportunity to be the banker

When playing Pai Gow you must be ruthless. Mathematically speaking your chances of winning increase when in the bankers’ position. The banker has a 1.5% edge over the player and wins on copies (when two hands are the same). Keep in mind that the house takes a 5% commission from all winning bets, so be the ruthless when you play Pai Gow at a casino online and crush the banker every chance you get.

Tip No. 3 – Know the odds

This is where point one really comes into play, there are many different possibilities in Pai Gow, the banker may beat the player, the player may beat the banker or it might end in a push and the percentage winnings are liable to change. Keep all of this in mind before you sit down at an online casino Pai Gow game.

Tip No. 4 – Take full advantage of the House Way button

The House Way button will place you in the position of a spectator and means the house will make major decisions for you, allowing you to learn at your own pace and dive in when you feel confident. New players to the online casino landscape should consider this a must.

Tip No. 5 – Avoid busy Pai Gow tables

Another crucial tip for beginners to be aware of is one regarding where you play. Always avoid busy tables by choosing house tables with fewer players, as this will afford more time for decision making and give you the opportunity to play as the banker more often.

Tip No. 6 – Don’t be afraid to bet on the bonus

This is a tip that is especially any high rollers out there. Yes it is risky to bet on the bonus, but the payout is worth it. When you find a bonus hand nestled amongst your cards it gives you a chance to raise your stake up to 8000x. The thrill alone is worth it and it is one of the bet types that helps make the online casino landscape so special.

Tip No. 7 – Keep the arrangement of your cards at the forefront of your mind

You’ll need to know and understand the particulars of the online casino you’re playing to get the best out of it, but remember in Pai Gow you need to create two strong hands to guarantee the win and avoid a tie.

Tip No. 8 – Remember the ultimate rule

Finally, here is the essential Pai Gow rule that you should never leave home without. In Pai Gow you need to win both hands in order to win the full bet. Don’t think of this online casino game as just another form of poker, it’s far more subtle than that. So if you have two weak hands, your only way out is to focus on making your backhand as strong as possible. A low front hand with a high backhand will go a long way too helping you win the bet.

Should you fancy playing a bit of Pai Gow after reading this, i can suggest you pay a quick visit to, where you’ll be able to find an online casino that has this game on its platform. They have reviewed the majority of casinos that are in operation on today’s online gaming market.

Why you should never cheat when playing at an online casino

Cheating when playing at an online casino often seems simple and mighty tempting. When you think about it, you can really see why many are tempted to give it a try. But the reality of the situation is that cheating at online casino is a desperate measure and one that should be discouraged. If the fact that you are cheating hard working people out of their money isn’t enough to deter you, then the potential consequences for being caught should. Online casino players of the world should listen, as this is what may lie in store for you should you choose to try to cheat at a casino online.

Casino Ban

This is considered the most common form of punishment for players that cheat a casino online, and one that is actually relatively light when weighed up against other punishments publicised through casino forums. Should you be caught in the early days of your cheating do and have only stolen a “small” amount of money, then an online casino may go easy on you. They will look at your offences then permanently ban you from the casino online. These bans won’t be temporary and for good reason, expect any ban issued to be held up under lifetime conditions. Any ban issued may not be as simple as it first seems either, as a casino may ban you not just from one outlet but several outlets. This is because if you cheat at an online casino that is a member of an umbrella group, you could find yourself banned from all brands that come under the ‘family’ banner.

It’s Hard and there’s no Need

Let’s face it – Unless you are some sort a computer genius, it’s not very likely that you’ll be able to cheat the casinos. The sole purpose of cheating would of course be to make money of the casinos, and the only way to possibly do this for us wihtout “hacking” abilities is to abuse bonuses in various ways. But there’s no real need for that, as the bonuses available today are good enough as they are, and played with the right strategies you can actually make money of gaming without cheating. Visit, and find a casino that offers a generous starting offer with fair conditions (there are tons of them) and then start grinding away in the games, and you’ll see that with patience and smart tactics, you can cash out some pretty decent sums.

Civil Proceedings

When you steal from someone, you put yourself at legal risk. While we will look at the law-based ramifications later, even if an online opts not to prosecute, a casino online can still peruse legal act through civil proceedings. It has happened before and it will happen again, this is because this is the easiest way for an online casino to recoup money lost. Preparing a fully-fledged court case, gaming operators are known for being relentless in claiming back stolen money. Plus, in many cases they will also seek additional damages, the likes of which can even double or triple the initial claim. When an online casino feels cheated, they won’t let that go without action, so civil proceedings can be implemented and be fairly costly.

Legal Action

If an operator feels that you have cheated to such an extent that your case must be highlighted, then civil proceedings and a ban may not be enough. When instances like this occur, they may seek help from the police in handling such matters. Legal action is the most serious step that an online casino can take with regards to dealing with an online casino cheater. In an attempt to present a serious case, witnesses will be sought and evidence taken. The potential outcome of all this could result in you serving prison time, especially if the courts feel that your cheat constitutes a sophisticated and far-reaching scam. For example, for his cheating efforts Derek Bethea was handed a 17-year prison sentence, in what was considered to be a deterrent charge to ward off other cheaters.

Cheaters Never Prosper

If there is a lesson to be learned from the above, it is that cheaters never prosper. The ramifications of cheating are no longer limited to just a slap on the wrist, as a casino online can now come down on a player like a ton of bricks. Bans, fines, legal proceedings, and potential prison time should deter anyone from cheating at a casino online.